Francine B. White, Attorney at Law

Francine B. White Attorney at Law

I began my career as an attorney in 1982 in Rockford. I started out as a part-time public defender and part-time law clerk to the Federal Magistrate before opening my own law office in January 2006. In January 2013, I expanded the amount of office space available to the firm and hired an associate attorney.

My goal has long been to: Help people. Represent them. Protect their rights. Be their Voice. Make sure that they receive everything to which they are entitled.

Today, the law firm of Francine B. White & Associates LLC still holds those same goals. We care about our clients and dedicate our resources to people who have been injured and need someone to represent their interests.

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ATTORNEY: A person whose profession is to represent people; to counsel them; to advocate for them; to speak for them; to protect them from injustice; to assist them.

An ATTORNEY, the equalizing person for the weak and the voiceless.

An ATTORNEY is a person of integrity, of knowledge, of experience, who stands by you to protect you and your rights, and ensure that you are not alone.

Don’t go it alone.

If you have been injured, you need an attorney who is experienced and knowledgeable and has integrity.

Discover the difference when an attorney cares about you and your case.


Views of Rockford

Views of Rockford